When the Underdogs Stunned the world…#cricket #inspiration

It was a hot sunny day at the Ghanuje Stadium in Pune,India on February 29 1996,The Cricket world cup was in full swing in the Sub Continent.

On this day world cup debutants Kenya were going to face a very stong west indies squad,that included the dangerous Brian Lara.The Crowds had jammed the Ghanuje to see the West indies superstars take apart Kenya,in what everyone expected to be a one sided affair.and it was proving just that as Kenya were skittled out for 166,with Steve Tikolo top scoring with 29 runs.

The second innings was a show a true self belief by the Kenyan Squad who were led by their flamboyant skipper who single handedly turned the match on its head with a spectacular bowling display and superb fielding. Once Rajab Ali dismissed Brian Lara there was a feeling around the city of pune that they are about were to witness something special,and many fans tried to squeeze in the stadium and all vantage points to witness the action.

Chants of Kenya Juu (Kenya Up) were being reverberated around the Ghunuje,stared by the kenyan students who were studying in india at the time. and the end finally came as Darrly Cuffy was cleaned bowled by Rajab Ali.The Mighty West Indies were blown apart by the part timers from Kenya that included a dentist and an Insurance broker in their starting eleven.

Later on Captain Maurice Odumbe Stated beating the West Indies is like winning  the World Cup.

This match was on the biggest upset in the history of the sport,this match taught us through self belief and resilience anything is possible.another thing to note was the exemplary leadership of skipper maurice odumbe who led from the word go and through his action showed the team victory was possible.


So lets go out believe in oursleves and Make the impossible Possible.kenya-cricket-1423751812

Rajab Ali celebrates with his team mates after getting the wicket of Brian Lara

One thought on “When the Underdogs Stunned the world…#cricket #inspiration

  1. Good memories of this game still run through my head like it was just yesterday but now it’s been 20year since we beat the mighty West Indies on the 29 February 1996. What a game Rajab Ali.

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