The Mystique of The Oriental Rug

Since the beginning of time Mankind has had a knack for beautiful ornamental articles to keep in the home,History shows from the cave man to the modern man,decor has been an integral part of our lives. One piece of decor that has stood the test of time is the rug. This majestic piece of fabric has adorned the floors of the mighty kings to the common man for centuries,creating a splash of beauty on whatever surface they have been adorned.

The Oriental Rugs have been weaved for nearly over two thousand years,The oldest known rug to have been discovered is the Pazyryk Rug which is believed to be around 2500 years old,this rug was discovered in siberia’s region of the ukok plateau.

The Pazyryk Rug,believed to be the world’s oldest rug.


The Oriental Rug is a hand me down art, from father to son,from generation to generation,this ancient art has been preserved to this day and not much has changed in techniques from the time it was first incepted over two thousand years ago.

The Oriental rug is hand woven from the finest wool,and hand knotted,the process of making one rug usually takes 6 months to 1 year depending on the size and depth of knots per square foot of the rug,natural dyes derived from herbs are used for this process.despite similar designs no one piece of  rug is similar to the other,and this makes the rug more authentic and unique for the buyer.

Rug weavers usually tell a story while making rugs thus,telling us about what mankind has achieved from the beginning of time symbols of the sun,water,animals trees can usually be seen on the motifs of the rugs.

Meanings of Symbols used on the Motif’s of Rugs

The Rug industry was fairly dormant,until the Safavid dynasty (1500-1700) took over under the tutelage of Shah Abbasi (1587-1629),the industry flourished during this period. This was an era known as the golden age of rugs.

The Safavid dynasty produced an abundance of local artist and new designs known as the abbasi designs,It was also during this period that the Shah abbasi made Isfahan the rug capital of the world.

Most people overlook the craft of rug making these days,this an art that needs to be preserved by people like me and you,we must take the time to educate our peers about this noble art,we must look at the value of the rug as a work of art and not just a piece of fabric.

If you own a rug then you must appreciate the fact that the beautiful piece adorned in your living room is a one of a kind work of art.

If you get a chance take drive to your local rug store to see these beautiful pieces,who knows you may get a piece that you will fall in love with.

So let’s all take time to appreciate the beauty of rugs #ruglovers #orientalcarpets #carpets.


living room
An Example of how a rug can bring beauty to a room.


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