Many of you may not have heard of the name Kevin James Anderson an Inventor and an Innovator.

This is his remarkable story,Born in the summer of 1969 in the picturesque town of  St Boniface,Manitoba,The last born in a family of five. Kevin’s Parents relocated the family to Vancouver,British Columbia while he was still a toddler.

As a child growing up in East Vancouver, Kevin was very inquisitive and creative,always being the little professor of the family he was always upto something,but at the age of seven Kevin contracted a diseases called perthes,a rare childhood condition that affects the hip,and causes a painful limp,kevin had to wear casts for 10 months to be able to  heal from this condition,once the casts went off only sky was the limit for Kevin.

East Vancouver where Kevin grew up



Kevin excelled at skiing,golf,football among others,kevin was also the 1995 chilliwack Golf Open Champion.Kevin’s life was going normal he had a good job which enabled him to travel all over the west coast,all was well until 1999,in a cruel twist of fate the perthes condition reared its ugly head again.Trying out all the medications that the doctors prescribed for him,in a hope for a cure but all this went to no avail as the pain worsened by the day,Doctors suggested that kevin would require a hip surgery,he agreed to have the surgery as the last option for a cure,Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful and a failure,not helping kevin’s chronic pain in anyway.

Despite Kevin’s unsuccessful surgery he faced each day with grit and determination,keeping a positive outlook towards life.But there reached a point in Kevin’s life where the pain became too unbearable  for him to be able to perform simple everyday tasks,by this time the doctor’s had doubled Kevin’s medication dosage,simply turning him to a walking zombie.

In 2014 the doctors suggested another hip surgery assuring kevin a quick cure,putting kevin through the painful procedure of surgery once more.Once again the surgery was a disastrous failure only worsening the pain.This was a dark period in kevin’s life the months that followed  were very depressing for Kevin,he was helpless feeling all alone in life.

It was during his darkest period that kevin got his brightest idea it was like a divine intervention,while lying down on his bed after a rehab session,kevin was working out with his resistant band,when he the idea of  creating the Rubbercane.

After a few trials and errors the Rubbercane was ready for use,in his own words kevin describes the Rubbercane;

“The Rubbercane, that I invented and am now selling, allows people to take back control of their lower body impairment, and increase their movement.
I want to add a comment. My motivation arises out of my experience of a long-term struggle with pain.  I have invented a method, a product, a solution to improve the health and wellness of people with mobility concerns.  My invention works for me and according to testimonies, it  works for others and makes sense”.


Kevin now dedicates most of his time trying to show people the practical uses of the Rubbercane. He hopes to make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from mobility disorders,especially in the developing world,who can not afford the expensive alternatives.

Kevin is Committed to helping those in need and he states;

“I am committing resources, time and energy to ensure success and bring back hope for those who suffer from mobility issues”.

Kevin’s Invention the Rubbercane

Kevin is a true example of Pioneer spirit,working towards the good of mankind,we at THE EMZED REFLECTIONS wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours.