“Focus on the outcome,not the obstacle”

Willpower and Self belief can make anything you aim for possible,Carlos Ricardo Brathwaite is the epitome of this.

On the night of 3rd April 2016,The Eden Gardens in kolkata played host to the T20 Cricket World Cup Final between England and The West indies.

A Tense Contest reached it’s climax,as Carlos Brathwaite faced the final over from Ben Stokes of England.Needing 18 runs of the last over Carlos faced the improbable task of getting victory,many people would have been forgiven to predict an English victory.

As stokes came in to bowl the first ball of the over,Carlos was numb and focused on facing each delivery as it came.Carlos took a swing at it and send it for a massive six,what happened next was a flurry of massive sixes around the park,that sent the crowds into a frenzy..Carlos had written himself in cricketing history,by winning west indies the world cup.

An Ecstatic Carlos after securing victory for the windies

From an impossible situation Carlos Brathwaite had turned it to the Possible through focus and self belief.

In every task of life that we are given to complete it is very important to have self belief and focus,this will help us become better at everything we do,we are often setting limitations to our minds and creating barriers for ourselves,but what if we left the possibility to achieve anything we want open?? Just imagine how much we could accomplish how much we could achieve.

its still not too late to become achievers,all we have to do is simply have the self belief,so next time if we feel we cant achieve something simply think of what Carlos brathwaite did,he made the impossible look easily possible,apart from writing history in cricket,Carlos gave us a life lesson and an example of what can be achieved through self belief and will power.

so whatever you do in life don’t give up.

Carlos Brathwaite; The Epitome of self belief and Willpower