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Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Sunday 6th April 1997,The Burkina Faso national team arrived in Nairobi for a world cup qualifier match.This was an important fixture for both sides as a vital three points would see either team go in second place behind the super eagles of Nigeria,in a group that also consisted of Guinea. 

All four sides competing for the ultimate prize,a ticket to the world cup 98 in France.

The match took place at the Moi International Sports Complex,a fortress of Kenyan soccer. Despite the bad weather and murky conditions the venue was all sold out and jam packed, in attendance was also President Moi and other high level dignitaries from his cabinet .

Coach Reinhardt Fabisch had prepared his men well for battle,and the opening exchanges proved just that as the Kenyans created  a couple of good chances,sending the fans in cheers of approval. 

However the cheers were short lived,when on the 10th minute of the game,Burkina Faso’s Mamdou Zongo broke free from the Kenyan defense beating the keeper, Francis onyiso,slotting the ball in the right hand corner of the net.

Suddenly the Kenyan fans were left stunned and in shock over the goal.,it was almost like pin drop silence in the stadium as the match continued with little chances created up until the 37th minute when brahima cisse threatend to break loose,but was brought down in the box by John lichuku,the referee immediately pointing at the spot awarding Burkina Faso a penalty,firmin somau stepped up and calmly slotted home the spot kick.

Further misery on the Kenyan fans and the team,as the scores reading 2-0 to Burkina Faso, at this stage it looked impossible for a comeback,and the fury of the fans was directed at the coach,chants of “FABISCH MUST GO” could be heard all around the stadium. 

Coach Reinhardt Fabisch had a paralyzed expression of helplessness,as the half time whistle blew.

Forty five minutes were left to salvage something out of the game or face public humiliation for the team.

Coach Reinhardt Fabisch made some changes early on in the second half,he brought Mike okoth a little forward to play the sole striker,taking out Godfrey Osama, and putting in Francis were slightly behind Mike okoth.

Fifty one minutes into the game and a brilliant one two,with Ken Simiyu saw Mike okoth go past the keeper and net a goal for Kenya.this goal gave the fans a little reprieve and slight hope,Coach Fabisch made another change this time bringing in play maker Mike mururi for Suleiman Rashid, the change paid dividends almost immediately, Mururi fed okoth with a neat cross,for okoth to tap in for the equalizer, the goal sent the fans in a delirium of cheers,the fans barely settled downed when Kenya got a corner kick,Michael mururi took the kick and found Francis were’s  head,who headed in a bullet.

This game was turning out to be a cliff hanger, four minutes later another twist in the tale,when Burkina faso’s Mamdou Zongo broke free from the defense and netted an equalizer..

It seemed to be headed for a draw up until the 82nd minute when Mike Okoth scored from close range to complete his hatrick. 

As soon as the final whistle blew scenes of joy and jubilation were seen on the ground and across the country. 

A nation United behind its team,this was by far the greatest football match in Kenyan football history.

Coach Fabisch and some of the players 

It’s amazing how a country can be United for national pride,as the Kenyan elections come closer,it would be nice if it can go smoothly and peacefully. 


“Focus on the outcome,not the obstacle”

Willpower and Self belief can make anything you aim for possible,Carlos Ricardo Brathwaite is the epitome of this.

On the night of 3rd April 2016,The Eden Gardens in kolkata played host to the T20 Cricket World Cup Final between England and The West indies.

A Tense Contest reached it’s climax,as Carlos Brathwaite faced the final over from Ben Stokes of England.Needing 18 runs of the last over Carlos faced the improbable task of getting victory,many people would have been forgiven to predict an English victory.

As stokes came in to bowl the first ball of the over,Carlos was numb and focused on facing each delivery as it came.Carlos took a swing at it and send it for a massive six,what happened next was a flurry of massive sixes around the park,that sent the crowds into a frenzy..Carlos had written himself in cricketing history,by winning west indies the world cup.

An Ecstatic Carlos after securing victory for the windies

From an impossible situation Carlos Brathwaite had turned it to the Possible through focus and self belief.

In every task of life that we are given to complete it is very important to have self belief and focus,this will help us become better at everything we do,we are often setting limitations to our minds and creating barriers for ourselves,but what if we left the possibility to achieve anything we want open?? Just imagine how much we could accomplish how much we could achieve.

its still not too late to become achievers,all we have to do is simply have the self belief,so next time if we feel we cant achieve something simply think of what Carlos brathwaite did,he made the impossible look easily possible,apart from writing history in cricket,Carlos gave us a life lesson and an example of what can be achieved through self belief and will power.

so whatever you do in life don’t give up.

Carlos Brathwaite; The Epitome of self belief and Willpower



‘With motivation even a lizard can carry a Rock’


The 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP will always have a special memory for true football fans worldwide,this was a shift of power sort of tournament,where the smaller teams upstaged the known powerhouses.

Official World Cup Logo

It was also the first world cup to be co hosted by two nations Japan and Korea,and also the first time to be held in Asia.

Prior to the World Cup there was talk about the big names such as England,Argentina,Italy,Brazil and France to do well,little mention was given to the smaller teams participating.

One team in particular was Senegal known as the lions of teranga,making their world cup debut at the grandest stage of them all.

Not much chance was given to this small African team who many pundits had written off as a one round participants,pooled in a group that included defending champions France,Uruguay,and Denmark,it was hard for the neutral observer to see Senegal to record  even a single point let alone pass the first round.

The Senegal Team was a collection of unorganized talent that required Guidance,and they did get that Guidance in their Charismatic coach Bruno Metsu,this french born coach was appointed by the Senegal Football Association in 2000.


From 2000 to 2002 Bruno Metsu Started a rebuilding process of the lions,he centered the squad around his Charismatic forward El Hadji Diouf,he also allowed Senegal to play a more free form style of football.During this period Bruno was not only a coach to his players,but he was a guide, a mentor,and most importantly he was like a bigger brother to all the players,the players were very comfortable around him.

Metsu build the team around Diouf

He had build a family type of atmosphere in the team camp and this is one ingredient that helped in the success of the lions of teranga.

This was a Joyous period for the lions of teranga,as they secured a berth to their first world cup and they finished runners up in the African cup of Nations.



Senegal would be playing the opening match of the world cup against defending champions France who were red hot favorites to get a comfortable victory.

Before the opening match some french players had dismissed the Senegal team as walkovers,even football great Pele suggested that Senegal was the weakest team in the group.

In a passionate speech to his team before the opening match of the tournament, Metsu used the disparaging comments to stir his players. Metsu’s psychological approach to the game led him to encourage Senegal’s players to focus on France’s weaknesses rather than their strengths; he used videos to show the Senegalese players all the weaknesses of the French players.

After 29 minutes of play France’s David Trazguet hit the bar,giving the feeling a goal was in the horizon the goal did come however ¬†on the opposite end.A pacy run on the left flank by El hadji diouf found Papa Buoba Diop who latched on to the cross after a fumble from France’s keeper Fabian Barthez,Senegal had scored to write football folklore history it was an amazing moment for a team that was playing its first ever world cup match.

Bouba Diop on his way to celebrate his goal.

Senegal held their own in the match and looked as if they were the defending champions in the match and after 94 minutes of play Senegal had come on top pulling of the shock of the world cup.¬†“When I read them Pel√©‘s remarks that Senegal was the weakest team of the group, I immediately noticed a revolt in their eyes. I knew they were going to fight like lions,‚ÄĚ Metsu told the Nigerian newspaper ¬†later that year.

After Senegal’s victory over France the then Senegal president¬†¬†Abdolaye Wade declared a Public holiday in Senegal.

The Stage was set for the lions of Teranga now to do well in their remaining matches,after drawing 1-1 against Denmark.

Senegal faced a dangerous Uruguay team after racing to a 3-0 first half lead in suwon Senegal looked set to go through,but a fierce second half fight back in the second half by Uruguay saw Senegal cling through to the second round,with a 3-3 draw.


Senegal were trying to emulate the feat achieved by the indomitable lions of Cameroon in 1990,they faced a very tough Sweden side that include henrik larrson,Fredie ljungberg,and the young Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

Sweden did take the initiative and were the first to score through Henrik Larrson in the 11th minute,however that strike was cancelled out by henri camara’s equalizer in the 37th minute.

The lions of Teranga Celebrate the Equalizer vs Sweden

The Game pulled through on till the extra time with both teams having minimum chances,to score.

Until the 103rd Minute when Henri Camara picked up a brilliant back-heel from Thiaw and burst into the Swedish box. He didn’t connect cleanly, but it was accurate and his shot bounced past a wrong-footed Hedman and nestled into the left side of the net.

Senegal were through to the quarterfinals of the world cup,bruno metsu continued to lead the fairy tale run of Senegal.


Turkey were Senegal’s opponents in this crucial tie,both teams were appearing in the quarterfinals for the first time.

After a mediocre 90 minutes the game went to extra time,in the fourth minute of extra time the Senegal dream was over,after a brilliant strike from illhan Manzis knocked the lions of teranga out.

However this was a performance that had exceeded the expectations of everyone,and Bruno Metsu and the lions of Teranga wrote themselves into history books forever.



Bruno Metsu left  the position of coach of Senegal in 2002,but he did instill a culture that helped grow the team,he instilled self belief,courage and relentless in the team,the ability of metsu to connect with his players and inspire them is what led them to the success of 2002.


On 14th October 2013,Bruno Metsu passed away in France from Colon Cancer,as per his wishes he was buried in Senegal and given an Islamic funeral.

Salif Diao pays his last respects to Bruno Metsu.

Bruno Metsu’s legacy will live forever in the memories of those who watched the lions of terenga conquer the world.

BRUNO METSU 1954-2013








“A Great Leader’s Courage to Fulfill his vision comes from Passion not Position” 

  • Leadership is all about whats doing best for the people you lead.
  • Leadership is about being accessible to your people.
  • A Good leader feels and listens to his people.
  • A Good leader is from the people for the people.

We elect leaders in the hope that they will bring change and make a positive difference in our communities,we are often given lofty promises by these “leaders” before being elected,But once elected and in the office  these “leaders” become inaccessible and unreachable.

How can such leaders lead us if they are never there to hear us out?

But there are a few exceptions to these norms and that is why i would like to talk about Ken Hardie the Minister of Parliament for Fleetwood and Port Kells,BC Canada.

Born in Edmonton,Alberta.Ken Hardie studied economics at the University of British Columbia, and graduated from the Executive Management Development Program at Simon Fraser University.Venturing into broadcasting and later as a spokesperson for Translink,carrying a wealth of public relations experience,he took a bold step into politics as the liberal party candidate for Fleetwood and Port Kells,during the 2015 federal elections,which he won by a landslide.

Ken Hardie,MP Fleetwood & Port Kells

What struck a strong chord with me from the very first time i saw Ken Hardie’s campaign,was his complete genuineness,honesty and passion to work for the people,to me this was like a breath of fresh air,from the past  redundant and outdated  leadership styles.I did have the honor of attending a few more of Ken Hardie’s Campaigns and i was convinced that this is a leader who will make a difference,his humble attitude and humility was further proof of his Leadership qualities.None of his opponents even came close to possessing these virtues.

After being elected Mr Hardie has remained ever accessible and is always ready to listen to his constituents grievances. Despite his busy schedule Ken Hardie makes time as often as his can to talk to his  constituents over coffee or a BBQ! How often do you have coffee or share a burger  with your local leaders?

BBQ with Ken Hardie

It not everyday we see such leaders amongst us,But Mr Hardie is an exception and a new breed of leaders who have understood the value of community input to develop your area.The Future looks bright as long as we have leaders like KEN HARDIE: A LEADER WITH A DIFFERENCE.

New Breed of Leaders Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Ken Hardie



















Many of you may not have heard of the name Kevin James Anderson an Inventor and an Innovator.

This is his remarkable story,Born in the summer of 1969 in the picturesque town of ¬†St Boniface,Manitoba,The last born in a family of five. Kevin’s Parents relocated the family to Vancouver,British Columbia while he was still a toddler.

As a child growing up in East Vancouver, Kevin was very inquisitive and creative,always being the little professor of the family he was always upto something,but at the age of seven Kevin contracted a diseases called perthes,a rare childhood condition that affects the hip,and causes a painful limp,kevin had to wear casts for 10 months to be able to  heal from this condition,once the casts went off only sky was the limit for Kevin.

East Vancouver where Kevin grew up



Kevin excelled at skiing,golf,football among others,kevin was also the 1995 chilliwack Golf Open Champion.Kevin’s life was going normal he had a good job which enabled him to travel all over the west coast,all was well until 1999,in a cruel twist of fate the perthes condition reared its ugly head again.Trying out all the medications that the doctors prescribed for him,in a hope for a cure but all this went to no avail as the pain worsened by the day,Doctors suggested that kevin would require a hip surgery,he agreed to have the surgery as the last option for a cure,Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful and a failure,not helping kevin’s chronic pain in anyway.

Despite Kevin’s unsuccessful surgery he faced each day with grit and determination,keeping a positive outlook towards life.But there reached a point in Kevin’s life where the pain became too unbearable ¬†for him to be able to perform simple everyday tasks,by this time the doctor’s had doubled Kevin’s medication dosage,simply turning him to a walking zombie.

In 2014 the doctors suggested another hip surgery assuring kevin a quick cure,putting kevin through the painful procedure of surgery once more.Once again the surgery was a disastrous failure only worsening the pain.This was a dark period in kevin’s life the months that followed ¬†were very depressing for Kevin,he was helpless feeling all alone in life.

It was during his darkest period that kevin got his brightest idea it was like a divine intervention,while lying down on his bed after a rehab session,kevin was working out with his resistant band,when he the idea of  creating the Rubbercane.

After a few trials and errors the Rubbercane was ready for use,in his own words kevin describes the Rubbercane;

“The Rubbercane, that I invented and am now selling, allows people to take back control of their lower body impairment, and increase their movement.
I want to add a comment. My motivation arises out of my experience of a long-term struggle with pain. ¬†I have invented a method, a product, a solution to improve the health and wellness of people with mobility concerns. ¬†My invention works for me and according to testimonies, it ¬†works for others and makes sense”.


Kevin now dedicates most of his time trying to show people the practical uses of the Rubbercane. He hopes to make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from mobility disorders,especially in the developing world,who can not afford the expensive alternatives.

Kevin is Committed to helping those in need and he states;

“I am committing resources, time and energy to ensure success and bring back hope for those who suffer from mobility issues”.

Kevin’s Invention the Rubbercane

Kevin is a true example of Pioneer spirit,working towards the good of mankind,we at THE EMZED REFLECTIONS wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours.

The Day Collins Obuya spun Sri Lanka to Defeat.

After having won two tickets the previous week to watch the first ever cricket world cup match to be played on Kenyan soil,I was all set to attend it…Come Sunday night my excitement reached fever pitch,it was hard falling asleep this was by no means my first time attending an international fixture at The Nairobi Gymkhana,but this was the world cup  match,nothing beats the world cup.

The day finally arrived February 24 2003,it was a beautiful sunny day,I could not contain my excitement i felt butterflies going through my tummy.after having a quick breakfast I set out to watch the game,having to use public transportation,I got stuck in the famous Nairobi traffic, anxious moments for me as it was past 10am and the match was already underway.The security at the venue was higher than usual for this fixture,After clearing the security checkpoints,I finally arrived inside the Gymkhana a little late though,but just in time to watch Kennedy Obuya lift chaminda vaas for a delightful six


Kennedy Obuya Smashes Chaminda Vaas out of the Ground

The stage was set for a big day at the game,the excitement around the ground was on a another level,the Kenyans had lost to South Africa,but  were coming off a win against Canada and a walkover over the kiwis who refused to travel to Kenya due to security concerns,The Sri Lankans had been undefeated in their previous three fixtures,and were looking for a fourth win which would put them in the super sixes.

The Kenyans batted to a decent score of 210/9 in 50 overs,with Kennedy Obuya top scoring with 60 and Maurice odumbe and Hitesh modi chipping in with 26 a piece, Muralitharan was Sri Lanka’s main bowler grabbing 4/28.

210 was a very gettable total for the Sri Lankans who had Sanath Jayasuriya, Aravinda de Silva  Marvan Attapatu and Kumar Sangakara in their batting line up and everyone knew that this team had batting depth.

I remember talking to a  Kenyan fan who said he will not stay to watch the second innings,as he knew the outcome already,An easy Sri lanka victory.

The start of the second innings we were all rallying behind the boys in green,and we were rewarded with an early wicket,the wicket of the extremely dangerous Sanath Jayasuriya  with the score at 13/1, Marvan Attaputu brought back some sort of sanity to the Sri lankan batting hitting two consecutive boundaries,the Lankans raced to 30, until Thomas odoyo got the scalp of Attaputu,in doing so he got his 50th wicket in ODI’s.

Collins Obuya was brought into the fray as the first change bowler,this was a bit of surprise for us watching the game,we would have expected the more experienced Peter ongondo or Maurice Odumbe,but the skipper Steve tikolo seemed to know what he was doing.

And yes this decision  yielded immediate results, suddenly we watched with joy as Sri Lanka’s batting was being dissected,by this young man’s masterful bowling,the masters of spin were now being tutored by the young Collins Obuya of Kenya, wickets  fell regularly and our chants kept getting louder and louder, Collins went on to produce the best bowling performance by a Kenyan in his five wicket haul.The atmosphere at the Gymkhana was surreal this was the first time Kenyan fans  got a chance to watch their team produce a giant killing act live in person.


Collins Obuya of Kenya appeals for a wicket
Collins Obuya on his way to produce the best bowling figures by a kenyan.


Is this a dream or is it really happening,once Steve Tikolo got rid of Nissanka, victory was in sight,and victory came in the 44th over when Maurice Odumbe bowled Dillahara Fernando,it was all over Kenya had done it beating world cup favorites Sri Lanka by 53 runs,and what a bowling performance by Collins Obuya who spun the Sri Lankans to a convincing defeat,It was pandemonium at the Gymkhana this victory was like a dream,watching the kenyans do it at home was something special,a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What a day!Kenya made history again defying the odds.the Kenyan team produced another lesson of self belief.

I would just like to thank each and every member of the 2003 Kenya world cup team,for the life long lessons and the beautiful memories we will cherish forever.




                     YOU MADE US BELIEVE!