“A Great Leader’s Courage to Fulfill his vision comes from Passion not Position” 

  • Leadership is all about whats doing best for the people you lead.
  • Leadership is about being accessible to your people.
  • A Good leader feels and listens to his people.
  • A Good leader is from the people for the people.

We elect leaders in the hope that they will bring change and make a positive difference in our communities,we are often given lofty promises by these “leaders” before being elected,But once elected and in the office  these “leaders” become inaccessible and unreachable.

How can such leaders lead us if they are never there to hear us out?

But there are a few exceptions to these norms and that is why i would like to talk about Ken Hardie the Minister of Parliament for Fleetwood and Port Kells,BC Canada.

Born in Edmonton,Alberta.Ken Hardie studied economics at the University of British Columbia, and graduated from the Executive Management Development Program at Simon Fraser University.Venturing into broadcasting and later as a spokesperson for Translink,carrying a wealth of public relations experience,he took a bold step into politics as the liberal party candidate for Fleetwood and Port Kells,during the 2015 federal elections,which he won by a landslide.

Ken Hardie,MP Fleetwood & Port Kells

What struck a strong chord with me from the very first time i saw Ken Hardie’s campaign,was his complete genuineness,honesty and passion to work for the people,to me this was like a breath of fresh air,from the past  redundant and outdated  leadership styles.I did have the honor of attending a few more of Ken Hardie’s Campaigns and i was convinced that this is a leader who will make a difference,his humble attitude and humility was further proof of his Leadership qualities.None of his opponents even came close to possessing these virtues.

After being elected Mr Hardie has remained ever accessible and is always ready to listen to his constituents grievances. Despite his busy schedule Ken Hardie makes time as often as his can to talk to his  constituents over coffee or a BBQ! How often do you have coffee or share a burger  with your local leaders?

BBQ with Ken Hardie

It not everyday we see such leaders amongst us,But Mr Hardie is an exception and a new breed of leaders who have understood the value of community input to develop your area.The Future looks bright as long as we have leaders like KEN HARDIE: A LEADER WITH A DIFFERENCE.

New Breed of Leaders Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Ken Hardie